我们自创立以来,不断发展,努力创新。先后引进欧洲各种先进窑炉技术设备和多元化的设计理念, 严格控制产品制造过程中的各个环节,以高品质的卫浴产品满足用户的要求。在中洁全体的努力下,我们先后获得了“中国绿色推荐产品” “中国工程建设推荐产品”,“中国陶瓷协会会员”,“质量信得过产品”,等荣誉证书,并荣获“中国著名品牌”,“中国节水环保产品”称号。

“品质,信誉,服务”一直是中洁人的经营宗旨。为了让顾客享受到“中洁卫浴”的贴心呵护,我们已在全国各大中城市建立了宽阔的销售网络,建立完整的服务体系,同时也树立了良好的品牌形象! 放眼未来,中洁卫浴将以更热诚的态度,博大的胸襟致力发展,令浴室更加和谐,自然,为人类创造更美好的卫浴空间。


Guangdong Zhongjie Kitchen & Bathroom Co., Ltd. is a production, design and sales of bathroom manufacturers. Brand "and clean" sanitary products are exported to Europe, America, Korea and the Middle East and other countries.

Since our inception, the continuous development, innovation efforts. Europe has introduced advanced technology and equipment and a wide range of furnace design, strict control of product in all aspects of the manufacturing process, high quality bathroom products to meet user requirements. In the cleaning of all efforts, we have won the "China Green Products", "China Construction Products", "China Ceramics Association", "quality reliable products", such as certificate of honor, and won the "Chinese famous brand" "Chinese water-saving environmental protection products".

"Quality, reputation and service" has always been in the cleaning people's business objectives. In order to allow customers to enjoy the "in clean bathroom," the intimate care, we have major cities in the country established a wide sales network, establish a complete service system, as well as establish a good brand image! Looking to the future, the clean bathroom will be more enthusiastic attitude, broad-minded efforts to develop, make bathrooms more harmonious, natural, for mankind to create a better bathroom space.

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